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Invest Group Overseas is a leading investment and property development company with an extensive portfolio of delivered premium properties. We are renowned for our unrivaled ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities in developed and emerging markets, which has seen us become one of the top investment companies in the Middle East.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to source and develop projects that offer exceptional returns for our investors. In addition, we pride ourselves on our customer service and after-sales care, which has resulted in many happy clients who continue to invest with us time and time again.

Our forward-thinking approach has allowed us to achieve sustainable growth and create value for our investors. We are committed to excellence and delivering superior returns for our partners. Our success is rooted in our strong track record, sound strategy, and deep understanding of the markets we operate in.

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Our Mission

To be a leading investment and property development company in the Middle East, delivering superior returns for our investors through our forward-thinking approach while also contributing to the growth of the cities & localities that host our projects, thereby playing an active part in the development of the region as a whole.

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Our Vision

To create value for our investors by identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities in developed and emerging markets. We deliver landmark projects that ensure maximum ROI and are also focused on the development of the region by bringing in strategic capital investments.

Why Choose Us

Invest Group Overseas has a proven track record of success in identifying and capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities, and it is this expertise that has made the company one of the most respected names in the industry.

Excellent Portfolio. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of properties in prime locations across the world. Commitment. With a commitment to excellence, IGO is the perfect partner for anyone looking to profit from the immense potential of developed and emerging markets.

Expertise. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to maximizing returns for investors. Ambition. IGO is continuously expanding its presence in new markets and seizing lucrative investment opportunities, allowing it to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our Leadership

Our team of experts is led by some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the industry. With decades of experience in investment and property development, our leadership has been instrumental in the growth and success of Invest Group Overseas. Our management holds a proven track record in identifying and acquiring high-yield investment opportunities, as well as developing and executing successful property development projects. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the international real estate market, allows us to offer our clients a unique perspective on how to maximise their return on investment.

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Mr. Moafaq Al Gaddah


“I believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first, then set a plan and finally work on realizing this plan and objectives.

Since the beginning in 1978, we have been exploring ourselves by adding new essential values such as straightforwardness, integrity, creativity and innovation as well as expertise and quality. These values have become a part of the group’s concepts since the outset.

With these same values we continued growing in all the different sectors we operate in, the commercial, real estate, service and construction sector.

Everyone has the right to dream, but in order to transform this dream into reality, we need enterprises and human potential able to weave the threads of these expertise, ideas and information together and transform them into a texture called “MAG Group”. From this, Invest Group Overseas (IGO) was born, the Dubai-based property developer, MAG Property Development’s sister company and part of the MAG Group of companies.

My main mission is to gather human cadres and motivate them to work as a team in order to face future challenges and succeed in accomplishing the tasks which will be assigned to them.

We will strive together to be responsible, sensitive and interactive vis-à-vis the community we are working for, and I am sure that the efforts we are exerting today will yield in the future. Here, I recall a saying of a philosopher “at the time of changes, the future is for the educated people”.

That is why we have to be receptive to all opinions and ideas and to accept new concepts with an open mind; driven by enthusiasm and determination to achieve what may seem an impossible target.”


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Dr. Mhd Anas A. Kozbari

Managing Partner & CEO

“The immense success of IGO to date comes from the core values that myself and Mr. Moafaq Al Gaddah held when we first embarked on business together in 2004. The upmost regard for top quality product, a strong business code of ethics and an eagerness to build a global footprint with a different approach to business, has led us to where we stand today. 18 years on, we are now an industry leading investment and property development company, well respected both regionally and widely across the globe.

Throughout the years, IGO has developed an extensive and impressive portfolio of premium projects that span across several industries, including real estate, fitness and F&B; all of which have exceeded initial expectations and surpassed any assumed results for our invested clients.

A truly significant milestone to myself and IGO is our rapid growth into the North American Market. Launching our largest, $500 million mega-project, The Gate By IGO. Inspired by the world-renowned Downtown Dubai, we capitalized on the expanding growth in Frisco, Texas and developed a premium, mixed-use development comprising of office spaces, high-end residences, a boutique hotel, and retail premises.

Most recently, IGO has served up two astounding project launches in Dubai, which met the market with much enthusiasm. Catch Residences by IGO, an 18-floor tower boasting architectural perfection, shortly followed by the victorious launch of The Paragon by IGO, another premium development with an impressive 325 units sold within 3 months. We also take pleasure in the development of The Estate I and The Estate II by IGO, both of which are exclusive up-scale neighborhoods and gated communities located in Dubai’s Jebel Ali region.

All of these projects have proven the dedication to our underlying methodology, ‘The Process Is The Product’. When you perfect the process, the product will be perfect. We are a company which truly believes in systematic approaches and it is these inductive and deductive approaches that have allowed us to deliver quality product and earnt us an outstanding reputation as an institution that goes above and beyond to fulfill its promises.

The key to our success lies in being the first to spot potential in the market and then understanding the specific needs and requirements of the project. Once this is forecasted correctly, we are able to utilize this information to deliver exceptional results that speak to the minds and hearts of our buyers. Although a seemingly simple process, ensuring that we truly understand the demand of the market requires a special eye that we pride ourselves on nurturing and always developing.

Not only this, the success of IGO would not have been achieved without the tireless effort of IGO team. Thank you IGO family members for your continued support, commitment and dedication!”


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Team Members

Our Team

Invest Group Overseas is a team of highly skilled professionals with a passion for excellence. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service and delivering superior returns on their investment.

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Eng. Wesam Bandouk
Director - engineering department
Team Member Photo
Mr. Mohammed Al Haddad
Director – Financial department
Team Member Photo
Mrs. Jinky J. Valdecañas
Office manager
Team Member Photo
Eng. Hatem Mojahed
Project Manager - IGO USA
Team Member Photo
Eng. Mohammed Hussein
Project Manager
Team Member Photo
Zaher Damen
Project Manager
Team Member Photo
Mr. Anass Al Halabi
Deputy director - financial department
Team Member Photo
Mr. Firas Kashoor
HR & Admin Manager
Team Member Photo
Mrs. Manar Al Adawi
Lead architect
Team Member Photo
Mr. Sanad Asiri
Sales & Marketing Supervisor
Team Member Photo
Ms. Viktoryia Dzeraniuk
Office Manager - IGO USA